Under Seat Bottom Panel

Mike’s getting ready to install the bottom exterior panel that sits below the seating section of the frame. Now that the metal under-seat rails have be attached to the frame for the Sparco seats, we’re ready to seal up the bottom section of the cabin. First, he attached the FatMat self-adhesive Rattle Trap insulation and then measured out where the holes needed to be drilled. Now, he has started mocking up the fit of the panel with the Cleco pins and will soon attach the panel to the bottom of the frame permanently.

Seat Belt Harness Bar

Mike attached the harness bar mount to the rear frame in order to accommodate the over-the-shoulder seat belt harness straps that go through the tops of the racing seats. Like I always say, more safety, more fun…bring the speed!

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Metal Seat Brackets

Mike has been working on seat installation by making some adjustments to the existing under-frame of the 818 in order to secure the Sparco seats properly and safely. Of course, this required the purchase of a new tool…a cut-off saw from Harbor Freight Tools. He needed this tool in order to make some precision cuts to the metal pieces that he welded on to the frame where the seat brackets will need to be attached. I can only hope that his welding skills are as good as his driving skills, otherwise we might be in for a big surprise after the first fender bender…fingers crossed!