Starting the Rear Suspension

With the front suspension basically finished for now (still waiting for the elusive brake bolt to be replaced), the rear suspension is coming up next on the docket. Step One: Open up the box with the parts in them….done. Step Two: Lay the parts out and look at them…done. Step Three: Take some pictures for the blog…done! To be continued!!!

Powder Coating Parts Returned

Mike gathered up all the raw metal parts that came with the Project 818 and took them to Miller’s Custom Powder Coating and had them powder coated in gloss black. They came back faster and less expensive than quoted, so thanks Miller, we definitely recommend them for all your powder coating needs! If you’re trying to decide whether or not to powder coat your parts, consider how they will last longer and look better at a minimal cost (approximately $100). Mike spray painted some brake parts instead of taking them to get powder coated and now he regrets it. Oh well, maybe next time!

Right Front Brake, Done!

The right front brake is now complete! The left front brake is the one that had a faulty bolt, so we’re waiting for those to be shipped before it can be called done. As you can see in the pictures of the left front brake, there is a bolt missing from the disk (because it broke in half during installation). We’re still waiting to resolve the issue with Wilwood (they only wanted to send one bolt, but Mike wants an entire new set just in case they’re all faulty), but they are not being so cooperative. Come on, Wilwood, safety first!