Swapped Out Sway Bar Bushings

Mike wasn’t so impressed with the used sway bar bushings that he got, so he ordered and installed a brand new shiny set of red ones. They are definitely a huge improvement from the old ones, in performance and looks! The old ones were sort of flimsy, bent on the corners, flaking paint, and they just did not look muy bueno. But now, the new ones are definitely stronger, sturdier, shinier, and (my favorite) racing red!

Installing the Front Brakes

Mike started installing the front brakes. Unfortunately, a faulty bolt that broke in half during installation has halted progress. It’s always something, right? After considering the situation further, Mike decided that he wasn’t so confident that the rest of the bolts weren’t faulty as well. So, he called the brake manufacturer to get a replacement set of new bolts (rather than just a single one). This caused a bit of a kerfuffle (apparently they only wanted to replace the single faulty bolt), so then he called up Factory Five. They were very helpful and are on the case…to be continued!!!

Modifying the Front Outer CV Joints

Today we had a pretty exciting and interesting day! Mike took the new CV drive axles that arrived last week and lopped off the outer CV joints in order to retro-fit them into what he needed for the front suspension. First, he drilled a hole into a piece of 4×4 wood so that he could fit the joint ends into it in order to create a steady grip when cutting them in half with the circular saw. It worked perfectly as the wood served as a handle, but also allowed for the joint to rotate easily as he cut around it with the saw. Once both CV joints were successfully cut off, he spray painted them and then attached them to the front wheel hubs. It was pretty impressive. They don’t call him an evil genius for nothing!