Racing Seat Dilemma

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which racing seat will fit us all? That’s the question Mike has been trying to answer and it’s been quite the dilemma. Initially, he ordered online the Sparco Evo II Competition Seat which measures 35.8″ high, 19.4″ deep, and 17.4″ wide. When it arrived, Mike sat in it, I sat in it, and then everyone who came over to the house was forced to sit in it to see what they thought. The overall consensus was that it was a little snug in the hips. So, Mike drove down to Summit Racing and picked up the Sparco Evo II US Competition Seat which measures 34.8″ high, 19.3″ deep, and 18.6″ wide…you know, for us fat-ass Americans! Sadly, my fat ass still struggles to fit comfortably in the new seat, but Mike found it much more comfortable and chose that one as the winner! So, he shipped the original seat back and will pick up a matching passenger seat on his next trip to Summit Racing. Up next…installation!

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