Factory Five 30 Day 818R Build

Just to make the rest of us who don’t have a full-time staff and sparkling clean garage with all the tools you need to finish the build feel like a bunch of slow-pokes…Factory Five is just finishing up their 30-Day 818R Build Challenge. Of course, they’re not doing this to make the rest of us feel like losers, but they are doing it to race the thing in next week’s Ultimate Track Car Challenge at the Virginia International Raceway! Good luck guys, it’s looking sweet and ready to race…show’em what an 818 can do on the track!!!

The red one is the actual car in its final stages…click on the pix to see more!

Caffeine and Octane

This morning we took the MGB to the Caffeine and Octane car show. It’s such a beautiful, warm, spring day today…that everyone in Georgia must have been there! It was soooo crowded that we didn’t even get to display the car in the show area when we arrived at 7am. Anyway, we took a nice stroll around the grounds, enjoyed some hot coffee, and saw some cool cars. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. Check it out!