Factory Five Moochfest

Moochfest Man 1
Can I get a margarita to go with this salt truck?

I had a number of assembly questions that could easily be answered by seeing a completed 818 in person. So, I decided that I should make my first visit up to Factory Five Racing in Wareham, Massachusetts. As it turns out, the owner of FFR, Dave Smith, hosts an annual Valentine’s Day weekend open house called Moochfest. Of course, it turned out to be the coldest weekend of the year, so this former Yankee had to dig deep into his South of the Mason-Dixon Line winter closet to find my rabbit fur-lined hat for the trip back up north.

818 Coupe
The new 818 Coupe.

I flew up on Friday and met my dad, who drove down from Maine, and we stayed with my brother and new niece for a Three Baker Men and a Baby family bonding weekend. We then visited FFR a day early to see the place without the Moochfest crowds, which worked out because we had the place to ourselves. Craig, the FFR marketing man, let us have our way with (hey now) a black 818 Coupe in the showroom. The coupe is the newest member of the 818 family, which they introduced at SEMA 2015.

On Saturday, we attended Moochfest and mingled with the masses for a few hours of cool cars, hot pizza, and below-freezing temps. It was a great trip and I got a lot of my build questions answered. I’m sure one day I will bring my completed 818 back up for another visit…but I’ll probably shoot for the summer open house next time!

Factory Five 30 Day 818R Build

Just to make the rest of us who don’t have a full-time staff and sparkling clean garage with all the tools you need to finish the build feel like a bunch of slow-pokes…Factory Five is just finishing up their 30-Day 818R Build Challenge. Of course, they’re not doing this to make the rest of us feel like losers, but they are doing it to race the thing in next week’s Ultimate Track Car Challenge at the Virginia International Raceway! Good luck guys, it’s looking sweet and ready to race…show’em what an 818 can do on the track!!!

The red one is the actual car in its final stages…click on the pix to see more!