Caffeine and Octane

This morning we took the MGB to the Caffeine and Octane car show. It’s such a beautiful, warm, spring day today…that everyone in Georgia must have been there! It was soooo crowded that we didn’t even get to display the car in the show area when we arrived at 7am. Anyway, we took a nice stroll around the grounds, enjoyed some hot coffee, and saw some cool cars. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. Check it out!

Pedal Pads and Cylinders

Mike attached the pedal pads (as they have finally arrived from FF) to the pedal box assembly and started working on connecting the master cylinders.

Ignition Installed

Mike combined the best parts of the two ignitions he had and has now attached it to the steering column. The key turns and the steering lock works, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when we’re ready to fire up the engine for the first time!