Back to the Build!


wereback2So, we’ve had a very busy non-build-related month! Mike finally graduated from college (it only took 20 years) and we had a big party to celebrate this awesome achievement (soooo much celebratory fun). That took up most of my time for several weeks, so no time for blogging. In addition, we’ve been waiting patiently for major parts to arrive from around the county, so the build was put on hold until those items arrived, like the transmission (that’s been the major hold-up on moving forward)…but now things are starting to roll in and we’re officially BACK TO THE BUILD!!!

Spring Garage Cleaning

We are back after a week off for some Spring break partying! Actually, that’s not true, Mike was busy taking his last final exams before graduating from college (it’s never too late to finish, kids). Yay, congrats, Mike!!! So, the build was on hold for a week, but now we’re back at it. While Mike was holed up in the basement doing his homework, I spent some time cleaning up and organizing the garage to give us a little more room to work. Now it’s ready for some Factory Five Project 818 building action!

Frame Lifted and Moved Over

Mike got new jack stands (6 tons / 24 inches), so that he can start working underneath the car. He also moved it closer to the center of the garage for more room. Now, if I could just get him to put some of that junk away…oh wait, that sounds like nagging, huh? I almost forgot the first wife rule of a Factory Five 818 build…no nagging!