Triple Brake Reservoir

Mike decided to upgrade the plastic brake/clutch reservoirs to a fancy new chrome (big surprise) triple reservoir unit from Scott’s Hotrods. He had to mount it to the top front frame, a short distance from the brake/clutch cylinders, so he’ll need to add new fluid lines to connect them together. He had a little concern that it would touch the top of the hood since it sits so high up, but he checked it out and there’s enough clearance, so we’re good to go!

Pedal Pads and Cylinders

Mike attached the pedal pads (as they have finally arrived from FF) to the pedal box assembly and started working on connecting the master cylinders.

Upper Pedal Mount Issue

Now that the pedal mount situation has been sorted out in the front, there is an upper pedal mount bracket issue to deal with next. The pedal assembly doesn’t quite reach the new upper mount bracket (which he just swapped out), so Mike put a stack of washers there to hold it in place, but obviously this isn’t a permanent solution. He will make a metal spacer that doesn’t move and then attach it for a steady hold.