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Rear Axles Installed

The long and winding rear axle road has been completed. In the end, the axles were Frankensteined together using the Factory Five provided axle shafts, the used Subaru rear outer CV joints from CA, and the used Subaru rear inner CV joints from PA. Everything fits together well and seems to work fine at this point. Many lessons were learned here…most importantly, don’t assume that aftermarket parts will fit your kit car!

Wheel Studs Installed

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Mike got a new set of longer wheel studs for the front wheels and now they are installed. After pushing out the old studs, Mike pressed in the new studs using the old nuts and a spacer on the vise. This sort of ruined the lug nuts, so he has ordered some new ones to make it all look nice and pretty. The new studs are plenty long enough now and the wider wheels fit snugly and securely…yay! The rear wheels studs will also be replaced, but Mike needs to redo the rear wheel bearings again (as he realized they weren’t done properly the last time), so more on this later.

New Wheel Studs

Mike needs to replace the wheel studs because they are not quite long enough to make it through the wider width (17″ x 8″) front wheels. We haven’t received the rear wheels yet, as they are still on back-order, but he will be replacing those as well. The original studs make it through the wheel, but are not quite long enough to securely tighten the lug nuts…don’t want those wheels to come flying off on the racecourse! The new ARP wheel studs came from Summit Racing and are specifically made for the Subaru WRX, so he’ll be installing those next.