Steering Wheel Column Attached

We mocked up the Subaru steering column and attached it to the front steering rack. It’s temporarily attached for now to make sure it fits (it does) and works as it should (so far, so good). As you can see, the air bag was removed by the seller. Who needs safety? In a Factory Five 818, if you wreck, you die like a man! Speaking of which, this did come out of a wrecked Subaru, but it doesn’t appear to have any damage. Of course, work needs to be done to the column, so more on this piece of the Project 818 puzzle later.

Rear Wheel Hubs Attached

Mike had temporarily attached the rear wheel hubs a few weeks ago, but now he has fit all the pieces together completely (hubs, arms, bushings, bolts, etc.). It’s not all tightened up just yet, but everything is in place and it all fits together like it should.