Swapped Out Sway Bar Bushings

Mike wasn’t so impressed with the used sway bar bushings that he got, so he ordered and installed a brand new shiny set of red ones. They are definitely a huge improvement from the old ones, in performance and looks! The old ones were sort of flimsy, bent on the corners, flaking paint, and they just did not look muy bueno. But now, the new ones are definitely stronger, sturdier, shinier, and (my favorite) racing red!

Installing the Front Brakes

Mike started installing the front brakes. Unfortunately, a faulty bolt that broke in half during installation has halted progress. It’s always something, right? After considering the situation further, Mike decided that he wasn’t so confident that the rest of the bolts weren’t faulty as well. So, he called the brake manufacturer to get a replacement set of new bolts (rather than just a single one). This caused a bit of a kerfuffle (apparently they only wanted to replace the single faulty bolt), so then he called up Factory Five. They were very helpful and are on the case…to be continued!!!

Dry Sump Oil Pan

Now that I’ve gone the new engine route, I don’t seem to know where to stop! You may have seen the Killer B Motorsports oil pan, pickup, and windage tray that I put on the old engine. That thing is a work of art, but it sure hangs low in the car, and I believe it will cause clearance issues when I try to button up the underside of the car.

For the new engine, I decided to go with a dry sump system instead. So, I called up Phil at Element Tuning for a solution where he sells a kit for the Subaru. I ordered one without plumbing since the 818 application will be different than stock. Most of the kit arrived today, so I got right down to installing the pan on the engine.