New Steering Wheel

Mike got a new Momo Competition steering wheel with leather rim and horn button…toot toot! The horn button came with a scratch on it and he considered sending it back to get a new one, but in the end he decided to not mess around with all that and just installed it. He will still need to sort out the horn and turn signal cancellation to get them working, but at least it’s attached to the column now. As soon as we get the rear wheels, he’ll be able to lower the car to the ground and steer it around on it own four legs!

Steering Rack Adjustments

After the front subframe was installed, Mike tried to put the radiator in, but he found that he couldn’t reach the bottom mounts due to the size of the bracket that was used to support the steering rack. Mike removed the large bracket, cut it down to size, then welded on the smaller bits directly to the subframe. This opened up enough clearance for the radiator to fit properly.

Ignition Installed

Mike combined the best parts of the two ignitions he had and has now attached it to the steering column. The key turns and the steering lock works, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when we’re ready to fire up the engine for the first time!