Meet the Build Team

Mike the Mechanic (aka Bossman) is just an ordinary man with some extraordinary skills…some have called him super-human or even god-like. There’s no problem he can’t or won’t tackle…be it ice road trucking in the dead of winter, wrestling white tigers with his bare hands, solving quadratic equations while simultaneously reciting the Cyrillic alphabet backwards, or identifying any 80s tune in just one note…and he does it all like a boss! By day he’s an engineer (or possibly a spy), by night a Team Trivia master, and on the weekends a car building maniac!

The Bossman, the myth, the legend!
The Bossman, the myth, and the legend!

Blogger Lady-B (aka Twisted-C) is the master of all things blog, photo, or video related. Much like The Stig, her true identity is shrouded in mystery. It’s been rumored that she can recite word-for-word any Stephen King novel on the spot; has traveled to the fourth dimension (but only came back with a stupid t-shirt); has such an acerbic tongue that even the saltiest of sailors blush in her presence; and can make a seven-layer dip with one hand while mixing a mean martini with the other. By day she’s a freelance writer, by night a Texas Hold’em champ, and on the weekends a bitchin’ blogging badass!

Who is the Boss Lady? No one knows, except for those who do!
Who is Bosslady? Only the Jubjub Bird and Jabberwock know for sure!

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