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Autocross Season 2014

The 2014 autocross season has begun and we’re off to a great start! Mike performed well in the season opener, as always, coming in first place for his category with a best time of 50.915 seconds. He also placed in the Top Ten Overall, coming in 9th place out of 40 drivers. In first place was a 2009 Chevy Corvette Z51 with a time of 47.163 and in last place was a 2005 BMW M3 with a time of 62.603. Mike drives his 1998 BMW M3 (black #43) in autocross, but just wait until next season when he shows up in his Factory Five 818S…that will be a sight to see! (Thanks to T. Caulk and F. Rojas for the pics.)


Opening Day: Autocross

It’s a rainy day in Georgia today, so please enjoy another wonderful car video from our friend, Felipe Rojas! This one is a teaser video from the first day of the 2011 autocross season. You can catch glimpses of Mike at the beginning, putting the wheels on his black BMW M3 and walking around in his Australian outback getup, as always. He is also the second featured driver with time statistics. Mike does pretty well at autocross, usually winning (or at least getting a close second) in his category for the season. Hopefully, the Factory Five Project 818 will be ready to tear up the track for season 2015! I wonder what category his 818S will be placed???

End of the Season: Autocross

We won’t have any Project 818 build updates this weekend, as we are off having fun somewhere! But don’t despair, I still have things to post and share. For starters, you might enjoy this video we made with our good friend and filmmaker, Felipe Rojas. Mike races his BMW M3 in the Atlanta BMW Autocross series. This is from a couple of seasons ago, but you can see Mike in his black M3 with the yellow #43 on the side doors. Most of the interior shots are from inside his car and you can also see him in his silly hat during the course-walking scenes (looking like he’s out on an Australian walkabout). Hope you enjoy!