Under Seat Bottom Panel

Mike’s getting ready to install the bottom exterior panel that sits below the seating section of the frame. Now that the metal under-seat rails have be attached to the frame for the Sparco seats, we’re ready to seal up the bottom section of the cabin. First, he attached the FatMat self-adhesive Rattle Trap insulation and then measured out where the holes needed to be drilled. Now, he has started mocking up the fit of the panel with the Cleco pins and will soon attach the panel to the bottom of the frame permanently.

FatMat Sound Deadener

Mike was super excited when his FatMat self-adhesive Rattle Trap sound deadener roll arrived from Amazon. I didn’t get all the hoopla at first, but then when I saw it installed, I realized that it’s pretty cool stuff! He was able to cut out made-to-order pieces easily with a blade and then the adhesive made it simple to install just about anywhere. He started with the back side panels and underneath the gas tank. Next he’ll put some on the inside front firewall, but that probably won’t happen for awhile. I’m sure my ears will appreciate the FatMat when we’re racing down the highway next year!

Seat Belt Harness Bar

Mike attached the harness bar mount to the rear frame in order to accommodate the over-the-shoulder seat belt harness straps that go through the tops of the racing seats. Like I always say, more safety, more fun…bring the speed!