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Cooling Hoses Assembled

Mike assembled and installed the new cooling hoses. The hoses attach to the radiator in the front and go all the way to the engine in the back on both sides of the lower chassis. They were a little long on the engine side, so Mike had to trim them down to fit.

Alternator Bracket

Since the Subaru engine is mounted in the back, rather than the front, the alternator needs to be retro-fitted and re-mounted differently. Mike ordered the 818 alternator bracket kit from Replica Parts and has now reinstalled the alternator to the engine.

Starter and Clutch Slave

Mike picked up a new starter and clutch slave cylinder at the local auto parts store, but the braided clutch line kit came from Replica Parts. He installed the starter and clutch slave cylinder, but he’s still working on connecting the line kit from the engine in the back to the clutch in the front. To be continued!