Remove Replace Front Bearings (Part 3)

Now that the front wheel hub has been separated (RR Front Bearings Part 2) into two parts, we can work on getting to the bearings that are inside the inner hub portion.

Part 3: Removing the bearing cage, race, and sleeve.

1. First, remove the bearing cage from the hub using some industrial snippers.

2. Cut the plastic ring and the individual bearings fall right off the bearing cage.

3. Now the outer bearing race can be removed using a bearing puller and vise.

4. With a few turns of the bearing puller, the bearing race should slide off easily.

5. The bearing sleeve is pushed out with the press and the inner bearings released.

6. Up next…replacing the old bearing with the new bearings.

Remove Replace Front Bearings (Part 2)

Now that the front wheel hub has been removed from the car (RR Front Bearings Part 1), we can start taking apart the wheel hub assembly to get to the inner bearings.

Part 2: Separating the wheel hub.

1. The wheel hub has two parts that need to be separated, the inner and outer hubs.

2. Place the wheel hub on a vise to hold it steady and pull out the inner seal with pliers.

3. Place the hub on a shop press and gently push out the inner hub from the outer hub.

4. Up next…the inner hub is now removed and we’re ready to take out the old bearings.

Remove Replace Front Bearings (Part 1)

We took a bit of a step back this week as Mike completely replaced the front wheel bearings that were previously installed. He did this because the front wheel bearings didn’t turn as freely as the rear wheel bearings. So, this week’s posts will all focus on the step-by-step process of removing, reworking, and replacing everything to do with the front wheel bearings. Let’s do this thing!

Part 1: Removing the front wheels, brakes, and hubs.

1. Start by removing the front wheel with an impact wrench.

2. Front disc brake is now exposed and needs to be removed to reach the wheel hub.

3. Remove the brake caliper with a socket wrench and just let it sit to the side (no need to detach the brake lines).

4. Remove the brake rotor to expose the wheel hub underneath.

5. Using a puller, release the tie rod end from the bottom of the wheel hub.

6. Using a wrench, release the upper front control arm from the top of the wheel hub.

7. Now, with a little elbow-grease, the wheel hub comes off easily…just like butter!

8. Up next…removing the wheel hub bearings.