Wheel Studs Installed

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Mike got a new set of longer wheel studs for the front wheels and now they are installed. After pushing out the old studs, Mike pressed in the new studs using the old nuts and a spacer on the vise. This sort of ruined the lug nuts, so he has ordered some new ones to make it all look nice and pretty. The new studs are plenty long enough now and the wider wheels fit snugly and securely…yay! The rear wheels studs will also be replaced, but Mike needs to redo the rear wheel bearings again (as he realized they weren’t done properly the last time), so more on this later.

Rear Wheel Hubs Attached

Mike had temporarily attached the rear wheel hubs a few weeks ago, but now he has fit all the pieces together completely (hubs, arms, bushings, bolts, etc.). It’s not all tightened up just yet, but everything is in place and it all fits together like it should.

Day 37: Assembling Wheel Hubs

Mike pressing the rear wheel hub down onto the bearings, greasing them up, and inserting the seals.