We Need More Tools, Captain!

Mike had to buy a press machine in order to work on the wheel bearings, but it wasn’t quite the right height, so he extended the legs with metal bars that he cut with the saw…see the very exciting Sawing in the Dark video! We also received two new CV Drive Axles today. Mike only needs the end pieces, so he’ll be removing them. It was cheaper to purchase brand new completed axles than to purchase just the used end bits from an old Subaru, so he’ll hack off what he needs and toss the rest.

Steering Rack Separated

Mike bought yet another, bigger press today, in order to remove the steering rack from inside the housing unit. In an earlier post, Mike was having trouble removing the rack with the smaller press, but now that problem has been solved with the larger press (evidently, size does matter in this case). So, that hurdle has been overcome and now he can continue working on converting it from power to non-power steering. This is done by removing the seals and cutting some notches into the steering rack to let air flow freely inside. He will then weld shut the holes in the housing unit that were used for the power steering fluid hoses, put the rack back inside, and viola…no more power steering.