Dry Sump Oil Pan

Now that I’ve gone the new engine route, I don’t seem to know where to stop! You may have seen the Killer B Motorsports oil pan, pickup, and windage tray that I put on the old engine. That thing is a work of art, but it sure hangs low in the car, and I believe it will cause clearance issues when I try to button up the underside of the car.

For the new engine, I decided to go with a dry sump system instead. So, I called up Phil at Element Tuning for a solution where he sells a kit for the Subaru. I ordered one without plumbing since the 818 application will be different than stock. Most of the kit arrived today, so I got right down to installing the pan on the engine.

New Oil Pan

Mike had to order a new oil pan to replace the original one that was damaged in shipping. The engine was delivered on a pallet and apparently it was sitting on the oil pan, which busted a hole in the bottom of the pan. So, no worries, Mike just ordered a new one…a really nice new one! The Killer B Motorsports high capacity racing oil pan, pickup, and windage tray are very impressive, especially compared to the nasty old one.