Installing the Front Brakes

Mike started installing the front brakes. Unfortunately, a faulty bolt that broke in half during installation has halted progress. It’s always something, right? After considering the situation further, Mike decided that he wasn’t so confident that the rest of the bolts weren’t faulty as well. So, he called the brake manufacturer to get a replacement set of new bolts (rather than just a single one). This caused a bit of a kerfuffle (apparently they only wanted to replace the single faulty bolt), so then he called up Factory Five. They were very helpful and are on the case…to be continued!!!

Right Front Brake, Done!

The right front brake is now complete! The left front brake is the one that had a faulty bolt, so we’re waiting for those to be shipped before it can be called done. As you can see in the pictures of the left front brake, there is a bolt missing from the disk (because it broke in half during installation). We’re still waiting to resolve the issue with Wilwood (they only wanted to send one bolt, but Mike wants an entire new set just in case they’re all faulty), but they are not being so cooperative. Come on, Wilwood, safety first!