Starter and Clutch Slave

Mike picked up a new starter and clutch slave cylinder at the local auto parts store, but the braided clutch line kit came from Replica Parts. He installed the starter and clutch slave cylinder, but he’s still working on connecting the line kit from the engine in the back to the clutch in the front. To be continued!

Brake Lines and Fluid Hoses

Mike connected the brake/clutch cylinders to the triple reservoir tank with the new fluid lines. He also ran brake lines from the cylinders to the front brakes, but when he tested them out he found that there were leaks at the wheel ends. So, that will need to be addressed and tinkered with a little bit more.

Triple Brake Reservoir

Mike decided to upgrade the plastic brake/clutch reservoirs to a fancy new chrome (big surprise) triple reservoir unit from Scott’s Hotrods. He had to mount it to the top front frame, a short distance from the brake/clutch cylinders, so he’ll need to add new fluid lines to connect them together. He had a little concern that it would touch the top of the hood since it sits so high up, but he checked it out and there’s enough clearance, so we’re good to go!