Transmission Rear Drive

Mike removed the rear drive from the transmission (as he only needs the front drive for the rear wheels). A cover plate will close up the back of the transmission where the rear drive used to sit. The engine is now being held in place by the transmission, but he still needs to order the bolts to hold them together (which have been sort of difficult to find).

Transmission Has Finally Arrived

After months of waiting, the transmission has finally made it back from Colorado where the Quaife differential was installed. As soon as is came off the truck, we lifted it up into position so that Mike could start working on it before attaching it to the engine.

Clutch Installed

Previously, I mentioned that the clutch was installed with the flywheel, but it wasn’t actually attached…now it is! All bolted in and ready for the transmission. About that transmission…it’s sort of MIA at the moment, so we’ll let you know when we find it!