We Need More Tools, Captain!

Mike had to buy a press machine in order to work on the wheel bearings, but it wasn’t quite the right height, so he extended the legs with metal bars that he cut with the saw…see the very exciting Sawing in the Dark video! We also received two new CV Drive Axles today. Mike only needs the end pieces, so he’ll be removing them. It was cheaper to purchase brand new completed axles than to purchase just the used end bits from an old Subaru, so he’ll hack off what he needs and toss the rest.

Front Suspension Underway

Front shocks, springs, and lower control arms have been assembled and are temporarily attached until more front suspension parts arrive from Subaru and Factory Five. There have been a few issues with parts not fitting together properly and/or easily, but nothing that a little grinding, drilling, or a couple of whacks with a rubber mallet couldn’t fix!

Progress Report:

  • Adjusted, tweaked, and fitted lower control arms
  • Assembled and attached front shocks and springs
  • Sent out raw metal parts for powder coating
  • Next step: Prepare and clean rear wheel bearings

New Front Mount Pedals Arrived

We finally received the correct front-mount pedal assembly from Factory Five to replace the incorrect ones. (Please see Reverse Pedals and Front Adjustments.) Mike attached them to the front frame area, but alas, he encountered another problem. The pedal assembly fits the front mount holes now, but the bolts aren’t long enough to go all the way through the firewall for a secure fit. Once the master cylinders are attached, the nuts only screw on a couple of turns. So, he’s working on a solution as we speak!