Remove Replace Front Bearings (Part 5)

Now that the inside bearings have been replaced (RR Front Bearings Part 4), we can put the hub assembly back together, insert the outer bearings, and finish up the project.

Part 5: Reassembling the inner and outer hubs.

1. First, we touched up the inner wheel hub with some paint to keep it rust-free.

2. Push the inner and outer wheel hub parts together with the shop press.

3. Check to make sure the wheel hub is tight and spins freely, then grease it up good.

4. Insert the outer bearings into the wheel hub using the screw press.

5. Tap the inner seal into place with a screwdriver and you’re all done.

6. Now, you can place the newly reworked wheel hub back on to the front suspension, attach the wheel, and you’re (literally) ready to roll once again.

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