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Why Did We Adjust the Front?

I’ve gotten some questions asking to explain a little bit more about why we had to cut out and replace the front frame mounts and panels to accommodate the pedal assembly and steering. Well, I’m glad you asked! I knew I hadn’t explained it clearly (mostly due to the fact that I didn’t fully understand it either). But I consulted the master mechanic (aka Mike) and he explained it to me more completely, so now I can pass that info on to you. Here’s the answer…

  1. We have frame #117 off the line and this is considered the ‘old’ frame style.
  2. The old frame was designed to go with the Subaru pedal assembly only. Factory Five then began offering a Wilwood pedal assembly option.
  3. However, if you have the old frame style, you need to adjust the front frame, front panels, and upper pedal mounting bracket to accommodate the Wilwood pedals.
  4. Warning: Mike says that the Wilwood Pedal Box Assembly kit (currently the only one available) on the FFR parts page is NOT correct for the old frame style. You need to call FFR directly to get the complete retro-fit kit, which includes the metal frames and panels that need to be replaced. This kit is $550 in total (not $499).
  5. So, Factory Five sent us the new metal pieces that needed to be welded on to the front frame and upper mount, as well as the new firewall panels with the correct hole configuration to accommodate the Wilwood pedals.
  6. Factory Five has already made adjustments to the new style 818 frame, so you now have the option to use the old Subaru pedals or the new Wilwood pedals.


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